Maximize Time and Survive the “More with Less” Economy by Using a New Target Method

From a recent interview.

In order to survive in this economy everyone must do “more with less”. This is the case at work, home, and with finances. The Braid Corporation offers new target programs to help businesses survive in this “more with less” economy. These target programs were designed to help educate businesses, sales professionals, and professionals on how to maximize their time and their efforts.

In order to survive in this economy everyone must do “more with less”. This is the case at work, home, and with finances. “The only way to continue to survive in this ‘more with less’ economy is to maximize your time and your efforts,” says Zach Braid, one of the founders of The Braid Corporation. The Braid Corporation has just rolled out new target programs to help businesses, sales forces, and professionals. The Braid Corporation is a consulting firm based in St. Paul, Minnesota, but they have clients throughout the United States. The Braid Corporation specializes in sales consulting, business development, and offers sales programs and sales trainings for all types and sizes of organizations. They also have programs on business culture, business management, and business operations.

“You could see this more with less environment coming in most businesses. In fact, the economy called for it. Businesses had to cut back in order to survive. They cut everywhere until there wasn’t much left to cut. I think most businesses did not believe they would have to run with this business model as long as they have, but many industries just haven’t turned around as fast as many would have liked. Most businesses will continue to operate this way until demand picks up. The thing that is a little concerning is that some companies are embracing this model as the new norm. The more with less business model is fine as short term cost cutting solution. It is also fine for companies to demand that employees increase their productivity; however it is difficult to find success using the more with less business strategy over the long term. You cannot cut your way to prosperity. That is why companies need to invest in training employees on how to be more productive over the long term. That is a more sustainable strategy,” said Braid, a sales and business consultant.

“The more with less business model can also be especially hard on a company’s salespeople. It can create burnout and churn within the sales department resulting in a stunt in the company’s future growth,” stated Braid. With demand continuing to lag for most companies Braid believes that the “more with less” environment will continue into the foreseeable future. “Right now with unemployment as high as it is, and as many skilled workers still looking for work, many companies will continue using this cost cutting measure. Many companies now say that if you don’t want to do more, then we will find someone that will. This puts many employees in the difficult position. They must attempt to balance the ever increasing demands at work with the demands at home,” stated Braid. “This can be difficult and conflicting for many people. So in order for people to accomplish what they want to accomplish they need to be focused on performing the right tasks. They cannot be bogged down by busy work that is not impactful and that is time consuming. This is just one of the principles I teach in my new target programs. The lessons taught in this program can be applied to all areas of business and to life as well. It teaches people to be focused on doing the right things. You can work really hard, but if you are not focused on the right things you will fail,” said Braid, a sales trainer that has work for many Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

“For the sales professional we developed a new sales training program called Target Sales. I developed it during my time in professional sales and I found great success with it. It is a real key to success, because in sales and in business you only have a finite amount of time and you can’t waste it. We decided to add this program because many organizations invest in other trainings, but they don’t address the importance of time management or targeting the clients they really want. We address all of this by teaching salespeople and sales forces how to target the right customers and prospects which ensures that their time is spent actually being productive,” explains Braid, an expert on sales and business. “We teach them to focus on the items that will produce the greatest results for the given effort. This produces higher yielding more impactful results. It is a more planned and systematic approach,” says Braid, a business advisor, consultant, and an expert on sales.

The Braid Corporations offers a variety of programs and consulting services on the subject of sales, marketing, business development, and business management. You can learn more about their new target programs by visiting


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