Maximize Time and Survive the “More with Less” Economy by Using a New Target Method

From a recent interview.

In order to survive in this economy everyone must do “more with less”. This is the case at work, home, and with finances. The Braid Corporation offers new target programs to help businesses survive in this “more with less” economy. These target programs were designed to help educate businesses, sales professionals, and professionals on how to maximize their time and their efforts.

In order to survive in this economy everyone must do “more with less”. This is the case at work, home, and with finances. “The only way to continue to survive in this ‘more with less’ economy is to maximize your time and your efforts,” says Zach Braid, one of the founders of The Braid Corporation. The Braid Corporation has just rolled out new target programs to help businesses, sales forces, and professionals. The Braid Corporation is a consulting firm based in St. Paul, Minnesota, but they have clients throughout the United States. The Braid Corporation specializes in sales consulting, business development, and offers sales programs and sales trainings for all types and sizes of organizations. They also have programs on business culture, business management, and business operations.

“You could see this more with less environment coming in most businesses. In fact, the economy called for it. Businesses had to cut back in order to survive. They cut everywhere until there wasn’t much left to cut. I think most businesses did not believe they would have to run with this business model as long as they have, but many industries just haven’t turned around as fast as many would have liked. Most businesses will continue to operate this way until demand picks up. The thing that is a little concerning is that some companies are embracing this model as the new norm. The more with less business model is fine as short term cost cutting solution. It is also fine for companies to demand that employees increase their productivity; however it is difficult to find success using the more with less business strategy over the long term. You cannot cut your way to prosperity. That is why companies need to invest in training employees on how to be more productive over the long term. That is a more sustainable strategy,” said Braid, a sales and business consultant.

“The more with less business model can also be especially hard on a company’s salespeople. It can create burnout and churn within the sales department resulting in a stunt in the company’s future growth,” stated Braid. With demand continuing to lag for most companies Braid believes that the “more with less” environment will continue into the foreseeable future. “Right now with unemployment as high as it is, and as many skilled workers still looking for work, many companies will continue using this cost cutting measure. Many companies now say that if you don’t want to do more, then we will find someone that will. This puts many employees in the difficult position. They must attempt to balance the ever increasing demands at work with the demands at home,” stated Braid. “This can be difficult and conflicting for many people. So in order for people to accomplish what they want to accomplish they need to be focused on performing the right tasks. They cannot be bogged down by busy work that is not impactful and that is time consuming. This is just one of the principles I teach in my new target programs. The lessons taught in this program can be applied to all areas of business and to life as well. It teaches people to be focused on doing the right things. You can work really hard, but if you are not focused on the right things you will fail,” said Braid, a sales trainer that has work for many Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

“For the sales professional we developed a new sales training program called Target Sales. I developed it during my time in professional sales and I found great success with it. It is a real key to success, because in sales and in business you only have a finite amount of time and you can’t waste it. We decided to add this program because many organizations invest in other trainings, but they don’t address the importance of time management or targeting the clients they really want. We address all of this by teaching salespeople and sales forces how to target the right customers and prospects which ensures that their time is spent actually being productive,” explains Braid, an expert on sales and business. “We teach them to focus on the items that will produce the greatest results for the given effort. This produces higher yielding more impactful results. It is a more planned and systematic approach,” says Braid, a business advisor, consultant, and an expert on sales.

The Braid Corporations offers a variety of programs and consulting services on the subject of sales, marketing, business development, and business management. You can learn more about their new target programs by visiting

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The Recession has Changed Business and Sales Forever

From a recent interview and press release.

The recent recession has forced businesses of all sizes to make drastic changes in order to survive. As a result, the world of sales has changed forever. With companies cutting back and doing more with less in order to survive, companies have demanded that their employees increase their productivity. This has caused employees to become even more stressed out. The added stress and tension that buyers are dealing with is yet another obstacle in an already tough sales environment. Zach Braid, one of the founders of The Braid Corporation, created sales programs that embrace these changes. They help businesses and salespeople to identify buyers and build networks that generate referrals that make sales in these tough economic times. A list of these programs can be found at or by contacting The Braid Corporation directly.

The recent recession has forced businesses of all sizes to make drastic changes in order to survive. “The recent recession has done more to businesses than just force cut backs, layoffs, and increase employee productivity. It has also changed the way they make sales and gain revenue,” says Zach Braid, an expert on sales and business.  “The world of sales has been changing over the past five years. It started with the increase in technology, and now the current recession has changed sales yet again. Businesses and salespeople need to target their prospects better. They need to be spending their time building their network of strategic partners and targeting real buyers of their products or services,” adds Braid.

“In years past a business or salesperson could spend the majority of their time cold calling, pounding the pavement and pounding on doors and find success. That is just not the case anymore. People, companies, and buyers are inundated with a barrage of immediate tasks that take priority over an intrusive cold call. The cold call’s main objective now is to set up a future meeting with a high value prospect, not to get an immediate sale. The more with less environment, is forcing employees to be more reactive. They want a vendor for a particular product or service when they demand it, not when they are called upon by a salesperson,” he said.

“The buck shot method of sales is dead.  Not everyone can buy your product or service, with the internet, the world is just too big. That is why companies need to be selective in who they prospect now,” said Zach Braid an expert author, business consultant and business advisor.

“There are many ways to identify and target the right prospects, thus ensuring that sales time is being productive. Prospect identification is just one of the things we do in our sales consulting and in our sales and marketing programs.  The Braid Corporation works with everyone. We offer a variety of options at a variety of prices. We work with entrepreneurs, startup companies, small businesses, nonprofits and large public companies and their sales forces,” says Braid. There is more information about The Braid Corporation’s services at

“Our programs and services are much different from other firms out there. In our sales and marketing programs we address sales and marketing as a whole. We teach solid fundamentals that are easy to understand, use, and that are repeatable. I have been in professional sales at Fortune 1000 companies in the past, and I found a lot of success there. I attended all of the sales trainings they provided. I can say my success there was not a result of their trainings, because most of their trainings missed the mark. My success came from reading hundreds of books, attending seminars, and from fifteen years of trial and error. But I found what works. We teach our clients to identify the profitable prospects. We show them that the proper blend of cold calling, online marketing, soft marketing, market identification, and the formation of strategic partnerships can dramatically increase sales. Those are just to name a few,” stated Braid.

The Braid Corporation offers a range of consulting services and programs. They recently launched some new programs. They added two programs in customer service; one for large corporations and one for small to medium sized businesses. They also offer business operations programs. In those programs they work on streamlining businesses making every aspect of the business productive and profitable. According to Braid, the business operations programs also sparked new programs for government. Those government programs teach departments and agencies at all levels how to streamline processes and increase productivity, resulting in savings to the taxpayer.

“Businesses need all the help they can get right now. We don’t give them just any help; we give them the right kind of help. Our services and programs are based on solid fundamentals that have taken years to develop. They work in many different business environments, even this one,” says Braid.

For more information about Zach Braid and The Braid Corporation, please visit

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Professional Sales Secrets: Using a Consultative Sales Style With Old Sales Fundamentals to Get Results

Having a consultative sales style is great, but you cannot leave out old school sales fundamentals. Many of the consultative sales seminars and sales books offered today along with many of the sales trainings at Fortune 1000 companies are very good, but many leave out one key point from old school sales. It is that during prospecting and in the sales cycle your main objective is to get to a yes, a no, or a follow up at a later date. While it is true that the consultative sales style teaches you to find out if there is a real need for your product or service, and it does help you to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors to build longer term relationships with customers, it doesn’t ensure you are not wasting your time. Your main goal should be to determine if the prospect is really in a position to purchase your product or service. Your time is extremely valuable. You cannot waste your time working with prospects that are just not going to turn into sales.

I have worked at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies where the company sends their new or existing sales force off to consultative sales training. It can be very good training and can teach salespeople all of the skills needed in the consultative sales approach (asking questions or probing, finding the prospects real needs, presenting the solution, etc). The consultative sales style can be an education in itself. Upon completion of these trainings they can make you feel that through this technique that you could sell anything to anyone. Unfortunately, the sales training leaves out the most important piece of information in sales, identifying buyers. Having the ability or skill to identify who is ready and willing to buy your product or service is the most important skill in sales. Usually the consultative sale training is valuable, but without the skill of identifying buyers it can lead to sales disaster and a short sales career. I have witnessed sales men and sales women trying to sell their products or services to anyone and everyone using the consultative sales style, but not identifying buyers, which resulted in no sales. The smart ones figured it out. The rest well, they were forced on to other endeavors. Seasoned sales people know that not everyone is a prospect. The lesson is that not everyone wants or needs your product or service. Even if they are identified in a vertical market, doesn’t mean they are in a position to buy. Don’t waste your time on those prospects and move on.

Every sales person has played this game, including myself. I have not wanted to know the answer from a prospect, so I have dragged it out for months. I didn’t want to face the fact that if the sale didn’t go through I didn’t have enough in my sales funnel to make it up, or to make quota, or for that matter ends meat. This practice is not productive. Don’t do it. You need to know your sales cycle and what you have upcoming in your sales funnel. You need to get to a yes or a no from your prospects so you know where you stand and so you can make adjustments accordingly.

It is about time management and prospect management. In sales you don’t have the time to waste, especially in this economy. You want to know if they are really interested in your product/service and if they are in a position to buy, if not then move on. You can put them on a newsletter email list or follow up with them at a later time. But face the facts that some prospects just are not going to buy your product or service no matter what. They just aren’t in a position to buy. That is fine. Don’t take it personal and move on. If you waste too much time on the prospects that are not going to buy, you will miss out on others that will, and you will go broke. So do yourself a favor and get to the yes or the no. Don’t let it drag out. It is a fact that the longer the prospect drags their feet the less likely you will close the sale. So get to the yes or the no.

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