About Us

The Braid Corporation is a privately held company that works across the United States as advisors and business consultants to entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, municipalities, government agencies, and private and public businesses of all sizes.

Most of the articles written on this blog are written by Zach Braid, one of the founders of The Braid Corporation. Zach Braid is a successful entrepreneur and is an owner of numerous businesses in variety of industries. He is an expert author, speaker, and a recognized leader in his industry. Mr. Braid is a top producing salesmen. During his time as a professional salesman at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies he was ranked in the top percentile of all sales people and received numerous sales nominations and awards. Mr. Braid has created and worked on national sales campaigns, marketing material, market identification, national sales tactics, and national sales strategies for AT&T. Mr. Braid is currently authoring a book on business, sales, and business success principles that should be released soon. As one of the founders of The Braid Corporation he has taken his business and sales expertise and created proven programs in sales, marketing, business operations, general business principles, company culture, process improvements, and customer service. The Braid Corporation has helped numerous Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to achieve success. To view more articles, receive free downloads, view past newsletters, or to just learn more about his sales and success principles visit The Braid Corporation’s website at www.braidinc.com.